Sometimes luck is on our side… and sometimes we wished we had something like a VSSL by our side.  There are times when mother nature can throw a curve ball unexpectedly, which being based out of Calgary, can seem all too familiar.  Calgarians know if it’s +20C and sunny, there is the possibility in a few hours, it could sleet, snow and hit 0C.

The two models which really stuck out at us are the VSSL Flask, for obvious reasons, and the VSSL Supplies.  VSSL is an award winning utility tool manufacturer showcased across magazines like TIME, Popular Mechanics, uncrate, Outside etc.  It’s based around a torch style flashlight and instead of wasting space with batteries, it uses the body of the flashlight for storage for the essentials.. like whiskey or rum!  More importantly items which can save your life in a survival situation.


What we love about the VSSL line up is the quality of the aluminum and finish.  Everything is well thought out, properly labeled and packed incredibly well.  The LED flash light is compact has has two modes; flood and SOS blink.  The flashlight isn’t going to win on distance, however there is a substantial amount of light at 200 lumens to be able to navigate through the darkness for about 40+ hours straight.

The VSSL Supplies is something you may want to keep in your car, give to a loved one who enjoys taking the road less traveled, or bring it with you in your backpack.  The VSSL cylinders comes in at 9″ long and 2″ in diameter and weighs in at 1 pound 2 ounces.  The cylinder is made from milspec anodized aluminum.   It’s what’s on the inside that counts… and with that comes eight aluminum canisters clearly labeled for their contents.  These tins include; fishing tackle, fire starter and mirror, rope and razor blade, trail markers and whistle, wire saw, can opener and water purifier, first aid medical kit, and a Canadian bees wax candle.


If you’ve never had to use any of these items, VSSL provides a very tight booklet which fits inside the cylinder with excellent suggestions and instructions for survival situations.  There’s a little tid bit of information which was in the booklet is the VSSL container holds 1 cup of water and being aluminum is excellent for snow to melt by the fire.


The VSSL Flask is the one we’re most passionate about…  Perhaps it’s the colour or the bottle opener or the fact that there are two shot glasses which magically whip open and when finished collapse back into it’s tiny container.  And drinking is much better with a friend so there are two shot glasses.  This Flask is built for one purpose and we like to call it… having a time!  So in reality bring the VSSL Supplies and when all looks like it’s not working out, use the VSSL Flask to keep the spirits high.



We’re impressed by the build quality and the thought behind this product.  They even went to the detail of coating the inside of the Flask with glass layer of Sio2 (Silicon Dioxide).  The VSSL Flask will be a gift that will just keep on giving on those trips camping, to backcountry huts, and just when times are needing a little festivity.  And after a little too much festivity each VSSL comes with an oil filled compass on the top to point you in the right direction on this adventure we call life.

Did we mention these are manufactured in Canada… eh..

Come drop into our little home we call The Gear Shop and find these great products in stock among other great gift ideas for Christmas this year and if you’re out of town, not to worry send us a phone call or email and we can help you out from afar!

VSSL Supplies $129.50 CDN

VSSL Flask $95.50 CDN

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